Youth in Harmony
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Youth in Harmony A Cappella Choir is an elite, actively performing show choir for ages 8 - 18. There is an emphasis on part singing and on conscious listening and tuning within the ensemble. Ear training and sight singing are part of the experience. Music is almost always performed from memory, often with choreography.

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Audition Requirements
Must demonstrate ability to sing an entire song in tune and in rhythm with no instrumental accompaniment. Singing range will be tested. We look for A below Middle C to A above the staff or equivalent spread for lower voices. There is a harmony singing section of the audition in which young singers must hold their own part in a round or simple harmony with no instrumental support.

Tuition and Fees
Tuition (if accepted into the choir) is $50/month. Uniform fee $40/yr.
There are occasional additional fees for costumes, and materials. As much notice as possible is given regarding additional fees.

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